How to Move on From Disappointment

How to move on from disappointment.  Feeling disappointed happens to the best of us, but you don’t have to stay in that place for long. Do a reality check, see the situation for what it is - not worse than it is.  Here are my top tips to move on from disappointment:

  1. Check your expectations: disappointment is often unmet expectations.

  2. Ask yourself: what can I learn from this situation and what would I do differently next time?

  3. Don’t dwell on it, and look for a silver lining.

Remember: Looking ahead and focusing on the next opportunity will  help you to move on from disappointment.

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Beat Imposter Syndrome
imposter syndrome 2.jpg

Imposter syndrome is when you feel that you have succeeded because of sheer luck and not because of your experience and qualifications.  I experienced this earlier on in my career and it’s a pretty awful feeling. Much of feeling like an imposter is self doubt, but you don’t have to put up with feeling like this forever.   Here are my top tips to beat imposter syndrome:

  1. Recognize you are not alone - about 70% of people experience similar feelings and it can be beat.

  2. Ask yourself is this helping me or holding me back?  Stop comparing yourself to others and stop worrying about what could go wrong.

  3. Take action, remind yourself daily that you deserve to be where you are, focused on what you want (like your goals)  NOT what you don’t want.

Remember: You would never be where you are today if people didn't believe in your ability.  You earned your success and are an expert in your field!

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Overcome Overwelm

When you feel like you are being pulled in every direction, and overwhelm starts to sets in, take a step back and assess the situation. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions:
1. What action do I have to take to change course?
2. Who can help me and who can I delegate to so I can free up some time for myself?
3. What can I take off the calendar or reschedule to a later date?
There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and out of control, so take charge before the situation takes charge of you. 

Elizabeth Koraca
National Fitness Day

Studies show that the benefits to regular exercise are endless, including an increase in happiness, energy levels and a decrease in chronic disease. Even though not all of us love to exercise, including myself, I make the effort to fit it in weekly because I always feel good afterwards and it’s a great stress reducer. If you’re like me and need that extra boost of motivation, remember that exercise can help put you in an even better mood and that’s a win-win for you and everyone else around you! My exercise of choice is yoga and walking. Tell me in the comments - what’s your favorite exercise to do?

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Bring Your "A" Game

When the pressure is on and it’s time to deliver, are you ready to bring your “A” game? Here I am getting ready to go LIVE on CNN. Before a TV interview, meeting, presentation or high stakes situation… get yourself in a great state of mind, sit up straight, smile and tell yourself “I GOT THIS”!!! This is no time for self-doubt. Remind yourself of a past situation when the pressure was on and you nailed it and say: If I was able to do that, I can definitely do this! Repeat to yourself: I am confident, I am certain, I ALWAYS deliver!
It might be out of your comfort zone at first - but you will get used to it, and it really does work!

Elizabeth Koraca
Positive Thinking Day

Studies show that positive thinking can prolong your life, manage stress and help you to have a better outlook on life. Be meticulous with your thoughts and inner dialogue. Reframe your thoughts, when you start to go down a negative and unsupportive path - stop yourself and focus on the good. Staying present will also help you to stay positive - don’t dwell on past experiences, only look back to learn from them!

Elizabeth Koraca
National Read A Book Day

I’m reading Karen Rauch Carter’s Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life about how to use the timeless art of Chinese feng shui to increase happiness and help get rid of clutter. 
There are significant benefits to reading, such as mental stimulation and stress reduction! Don’t feel you have enough time in the day to pick up a book to read? Then schedule it in the calendar, because what gets scheduled in the calendar, gets done! I’m looking for a great book to get into next, let me know in the comments what are you reading!

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Ease Your Way Back Into Work

Having a hard time getting back into the swing of things at work after a relaxing summer or taking a holiday? Here are my top 3 tips to ease your way back into work after Labor Day.
1. Don’t jam pack your schedule – slowly ease back into meetings.
2. Have a plan and prioritize what you need to do.
3. Revisit your goals so you are on track for year end.
By taking these steps, you will avoid that dreaded feeling of overwhelm and remain feeling in charge and in control!

Elizabeth Koraca
Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from surf town Dana Point, CA! Thank you to all the hard workers who contributed to the labor movement - and to all the hard workers out there today, it’s the perfect day to do something you enjoy and recharge your battery.
So whether you’re on vacation, taking a stay-cation or working your 9-5, here are my top 3 tips for self-care and how to beat burnout.
1. Make yourself a priority and write down your plan
2. Make a list of things that recharge you, think of the things that will refill your gas tank
3. Schedule it in the calendar, because what gets scheduled in the calendar, gets done
Remember: when you take care of yourself and you feel your best, it’s a win-win for you and everyone else around you!

Elizabeth Koraca