Get to Know Your Customers Day

Don’t just talk business with your clients and customers - get to know them! What do they like? What do they not like? Where they are from? What are their hobbies? Knowing your clients will foster a stronger personal connection with them. Let them know you appreciate their business by investing in the relationship - send them things they would appreciate. And you don't have to blow the budget either - it could be a link to an article they might like, your favorite book or a thoughtful holiday gift. People remember not just what you say, but how you make them feel. There’s nothing better than feeling appreciated. I’m pictured here with my client, Pamela Glatt.

Elizabeth Koraca
Believe in Yourself and the Audience Will Too

The more you believe in what you're doing, the more your audience will believe in you. Here I am speaking with Richard Quest on CNN’s Quest Means Business. Richard is a great example of someone who is passionate, high energy and speaks with great enthusiasm. Whether you’re giving TV interviews or a presentation, at a meeting or chatting one-to-one with a colleague - exude passion in what you do. The more you convey a belief in your own message, the more others will believe in it too. There’s nothing worse than speaking with someone who is monotone and low energy. Don’t be afraid to show a little excitement - it will keep people engaged. Passion and energy can also set you apart from the crowd! 

Elizabeth Koraca
Put Yourself in Their Shoes

The next time someone does something that bothers you and you think to yourself “what’s wrong with them?” - change course and ask yourself “what’s going on in their life to make them behave that way?” Perhaps it’s divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, or even depression. Try to put yourself in their shoes. It doesn’t mean you give them a free pass for bad behavior, but it will give you more patience and empathy in dealing with them. We don’t always know the burden that people are carrying, so be kind - you don’t have to act like a doormat, but remember people’s emotions are about themselves, not about you.

Elizabeth Koraca
Don't Let Fear Drive

Don’t let fear from past experiences be the driver in your decision making. It clouds your judgement and can cause hasty decision making. Check in with yourself to make sure you are in the right and supportive state of mind. When making big decisions - ask yourself is an old negative experience influencing my decision or am I acting emotionally? If yes - think of making that decision from a fresh perspective, because it is hard to make a good and solid decision when its based on fear. Remain in charge - don’t let fear drive.

Elizabeth Koraca
National Handshake Day

Do you have a solid handshake? If you’re not sure, test it out on a trusted colleague, friend or loved one. It’s important that it’s firm, but not too hard. There’s nothing worse than when you walk away from shaking someone’s hand and they’ve just crushed your hand - it can be especially painful when you wear rings. A handshake is a welcoming gesture - not a competition of who has the firmer handshake. It should be approximately 2-5 seconds long. And be sure to look the other person in the eye and don't forget to add a greeting while shaking. And if your hand is sweaty - try to wipe it off before shaking hands!

Elizabeth Koraca
International Yoga Day 2018

Life can be so busy with our focus on work and family, that we often forget to take care of ourselves and practice self-care. When I start to feel my stress levels rising, I turn to yoga. What I love about yoga is that it welcomes all levels from beginners to mastery. I know that when I practice, that hour is dedicated to me and my well-being. I feel rejuvenated, recharged and my peace of mind is restored. My patience level surges and that is a win-win for me and all the people I'm surrounded by. 
To avoid feeling overwhelmed it’s so important to do the things you enjoy and that brings you joy. Tell me in the comments how you de-stress, unwind and recharge!

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Remain Confident When Public Speaking

Public speaking is a major fear for many Americans - so it's no wonder some of us dread even the thought of giving a presentation. Here are my top three tips on how to remain in charge and in control when the pressure is on.
1. It’s normal to feel nervous - even the best in the business battle nerves.
2. There’s no such thing as being over prepared - so practice, practice, practice - no matter how many times you’ve given a presentation.
3. When you make a mistake or falter correct yourself and just keep going - don't revisit on the mistake until AFTER you are finished speaking. 
Remember it doesn't have to be perfect - so stop putting that kind of pressure on yourself!!!

Elizabeth Koraca
Organization Tips I Learned Working with Professional Organizer, Barbara Reich

I worked with award winning professional organizer Barbara Reich , founder of Resourceful Consultants, and the results were amazing! She helped take my electronic business files and emails to a new level of efficiency and now it only takes seconds to find my files. 
Here are my top 3 favorite Barbara organizing tips:
1. When dealing with emails you should do these three things to keep your inbox orderly: Respond, Delete or File.
2. When tackling your to-do list, start with the task you least want to do first. Doing this will help you not waste your time wishing you didn't have to do it.
3. When you start the day with no plan and start replying to emails, you are focusing on answering someone else’s priorities not your own. 

Elizabeth Koraca
How Not to Lose Your Cool at the Office

How not to lose your cool at the office. Like many of us, you may work with or for someone you immensely dislike at some point in your career. You might think it would feel so great to unleash on them and let them know how you feel and how horrible they are - but remember the downside. 
Here are my top three reasons why taking the high road will only benefit you in the end. 
1. Most industries are very tight knit and people talk. You don’t want to be known for being unprofessional or as someone who flies off the handle easily. 
2. You may need your former employer as a reference.
3. You want to protect your reputation. Think about what you could lose by letting your emotions get the best of you. Ask yourself if it’s worth it in the long run.
A way to avoid feeling frustrated and powerless is to regularly speak up for yourself and clear the air. And remember it’s business not personal.

Elizabeth Koraca