National Beach Day

Taking in the breathtaking views overlooking the Santa Monica Beach! As we say goodbye to the last days of August, take some time to exhale and enjoy whatever it is that brings you peace of mind.

Elizabeth Koraca
National Bowtie Day

During the span of my career as a Reuters TV anchor, I had the opportunity to interview famous investor Jim Rogers many times. One thing I could be sure of each and every time he came to the set - he was wearing his signature bow tie. He was always full of energy and solid advice. He would tell me to invest in what you know and he was bullish on agriculture. Wearing a signature item or color helps you stand out in the crowd and makes you more memorable, just like Jim Rogers! 

Elizabeth Koraca
Women's Equality Day

Thank you to all the women who came before me and blazed a trail for all of us, including my mentor Toni Reinhold! Thank you Toni for believing in me years ago before I believed in myself. I would never be where I am today without your support. The impact a great mentor is HUGE. Teaching a girl that her voice has value sets her up for a lifetime of success!

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Maximize Your Vacation

Ahhhhh vacation… studies show that there are endless benefits to taking vacation including: the ability to unwind, recharge, fill up your gas tank, beat burnout, feel more energized, improved mental health, and recover from stress.

Here are my top 3 tips to maximize your vacation. 
1. Ask yourself the following before you leave or start your stay-cation: What is the main/goal point of my vacation? A Harvard study shows that people who set goals are more likely to achieve what they want in life – compared to those who don’t.
2. Answer: To relax, disconnect, recharge, have fun, meet new people, enjoy time with family or take a step back. Maybe it’s not just to relax, but to make important decisions like retirement or discuss expanding your family.
3. Action: What does it take to achieve this goal? What do I need to relax when I’m on vacation? Is it to disconnect from my phone – so instead of looking at your phone every 10 mins, how about checking every 3 hours. Do I want to sleep in, work out in gym or yoga, try hiking, or go shopping? 
Not everyone has the ability to disconnect 100% while on vacation. So set parameters and boundaries for yourself. For example, perhaps just work from 8am-11am, so you don't get stuck working your entire vacation. 

Elizabeth Koraca
National Relaxation Day

This is the perfect time to schedule some time for you, because we know that what gets scheduled on the calendar gets done! Studies show that there are many benefits to relaxing like stress reduction, improved mood, and the ability to retain more information. So pick up that book you have been meaning to finish, go for a walk or do whatever keeps you feeling relaxed. Make this a regular occurrence! Feel too busy? Make it a priority and schedule it in the calendar! How do you like to relax? Tell me in the comments!

Elizabeth Koraca
National Book Lovers Day

This book saved my life! The tips from Dr. John E. Sarno’s - The Mind Body Prescription, saved me years ago from a life of debilitating back pain and his advice continues to help keep me pain free. If you are someone who internalizes stress and you suffer from back pain or any other physical pain, it’s a MUST read. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Sarno before he passed away. Thank you Dr. Sarno for your lifelong dedication to healing back pain! What's your favorite book? Tell me in the comments.

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Speak Up For Yourself

Has someone ever thrown an underhanded comment your way and you couldn’t muster up a quick-witted response fast enough? Did you spend time dwelling on what you wish you could have said after the fact? Don’t beat yourself up about what you should have said - take note - and don’t be surprised when they throw an underhanded comment your way again, because the next time they do - you’ll be prepared, ready to speak up and defend yourself. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you weren’t able to respond and clear the air.

Elizabeth Koraca
Practice Makes Progress

Practice makes progress… and progress leads to mastery. There is no such thing as perfect, so why set yourself up for disappointment in trying to reach it? Set yourself up for success and strive for mastery! By doing this you are more likely to meet your expectations. It doesn't mean you can’t strive to be the very best, but it does mean you won't be disappointed when you don't reach unattainable perfection. 

Elizabeth Koraca
How to Stay Productive During the Summer Slump

Having a hard time staying motivated in the dog days of summer? Feeling distracted by the warmer weather? If so, here is my easy to follow career checklist on how to stay productive during the summer slump:
* Set and achieve summer goals.
* Do important work early in the day such as meetings, calls and emails.
* Tidy up your office and calendar - this will help you prioritize what’s most important.
* Take a vacation or stay-cation: Studies show you will be more motivated when you get back.
* Do something you’ve wanted to try or has been on your to-do list forever.
By following these tips you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, stay on-track and avoid a big pile of work come Labor Day. 

Elizabeth Koraca