Services are available as one-on-one sessions or in workshop formats.

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What I Offer

One-on-one sessions are intensive, personalized consultations that focus on the specific needs of an individual, scheduled at a pace appropriate for each client. You will connect to people in more powerful ways, broaden your sphere of influence, and discover a new path to success.



What I Offer

Workshops, which can be customized to address departmental needs within organizations, such as presentation training, are collaborative efforts that allow for interaction among co-workers. They are participatory classes enhanced by supporting videos structured with hands-on training and individual practice time, followed by intensive Q&A breakout sessions. Elizabeth specializes in presentation workshops for organizations on topics such as mastering workplace coping mechanisms, and surviving—and thriving in—high-pressured jobs. In particular, she leverages her experience overseeing her own news desk and successfully managing the stress and pressures that come with working in broadcast television and the corporate world. 



Executive Coaching & Career Strategizing

What I Offer

These intensive sessions are designed to help clients maximize strengths and recognize greatness. Professionals learn how to improve their image, messaging and personal branding. A step-by-step program aims to sharpen presentation, interview, and communication skills.

The consultation focuses on successful networking, leaving great lasting impressions, navigating corporate politics, and excelling in business. Clients learn how to ask for and get what they want, how to stand out among their peers, how to get promotions and raises, how to prepare for interviews, and how to negotiate salary and bonuses. These services also tackle a wide range of other client needs, including how to deal with challenging managers and co-workers, and how to transition into a new field.

What You Gain

Increased credibility and improved image

Job interview preparation skills that maximize potential for job offers

Ability to conquer self-doubt

Mechanisms to deal with workplace stress and conflict; ability to thrive in unsupportive environment

Skills to pursue promotions


Media Training

What I Offer

This service prepares clients for media coverage, ensuring they feel comfortable interacting with journalists for on-air and print interviews. Clients learn to how to be media savvy in order to appear confident in front of the camera, avoid common pitfalls with reporters, and ultimately sell their company, products or services to a broader audience by conveying a more powerful personal image. Clients learn how to produce compelling pre-recorded and live corporate videos for internal and external use, and how to use teleprompters in that production. Print journalists also learn how to master on-air reporting.


What You Gain

Comfortability with journalists and poise before a televised audience

Knowledge of interview tactics and strategies used by journalists and how to use them to your advantage

Confidence and certainty  in front of the camera

Ability to hone message for media consumption

Grooming tips for TV appearances, and techniques to improve body language 


Presentation Training

What I Offer

This service focuses on teaching clients how to deliver a compelling presentation so audiences are motivated to act. Audiences have short attention spans and only retain a small portion of what we tell them. That means our messages can’t be muddled, and need to be presented with visuals and clear, concise language through digestible, easy-to-remember ideas. It also means we need to learn how to control the fear and anxiety that come with making a presentation. Clients will learn how to craft engaging, stimulating presentations with potent messages and deliver them with confidence.


What You Gain

Training on how to speak like a leader and deliver messages with certainty

Ability to extract and deliver the most compelling parts of your message, and how to use visual aids in that delivery

Ability to showcase your personality and passion in your work product

Ability to process mistakes, control panic, channel nervous energy, and perform under stress

Skills to craft messages that inspire audiences


Influencer Training

What I Offer

While wielding more influence is a skill that each service addresses, this training session is designed to focus specifically on this area. With influencer training, clients learn techniques to cultivate stronger bonds with those around them by learning how to connect in more powerful ways. That connection is based on an ability to “self-promote” in authentic ways, showcase your most impressive skills, share compelling personal stories, and identify the most captivating parts of your story that will help you connect to your audience. It focuses on optimizing your “pitch,” whether that is a personal story, a new product, or a recently launched business. The class aims to teach clients to “ask and get what they want,” helping them achieve goals such as growing revenue, expanding client bases, or simply commanding more attention. The ultimate goal is to learn what it takes to “close the deal.” This service is ideal for small business owners or entrepreneurs looking to gain momentum or corporate teams who want to accelerate sales, but is valuable for anyone who wants to change how they relate to others so they can reach new goals.

What You Gain

An improved likelihood people will respond to you in positive ways, paving the way for clients to “close the deal”

A wider sphere of influence and increased credibility

Skills to remain relatable and approachable to those around you

Ability to share stories that highlight your accomplishments without appearing self-centered

Ability to open communication channels with people to pursue to new opportunities


Personal Development Coaching 

What I Offer

This session focuses on helping clients achieve optimal health and wellness when it comes to balancing the needs of their personal and professional lives. Here, we address practical steps professionals can take to avoid burnout, set aside personal time in their schedule, and establish priorities at the office without compromising responsibilities at home.

What You Gain

Improved emotional well-being at work and at home

Skills to help minimize work-related stress

Healthier and more productive colleague interactions

Strategies to reclaim control of a chaotic work environment

Skills to speak to managers about personal needs


Public Speaking & Hosting

What I Offer

Elizabeth is also available to serve as a moderator or master of ceremonies, or as a panelist or event speaker on any of her areas of expertise, including career coaching, executive mentorship, and media interacting skills. She is an expert panelist for events such as the Asian American Business Roundtable Summit. She also served as the MC for the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards Gala Dinner, before 700 guests at Cipriani Wall Street. She also serves as the Executive Producer for The Newswomen’s Club of New York Front Page Awards Gala.

Elizabeth is headquartered in Los Angeles and New York. She is available for travel within and outside the United States.