EP. 037 5 Signs You’re a Natural Born Leader

Episode 37:
5 Signs You’re a Natural Born Leader


Do you ever wish you had killer leadership skills? Do you ever look at people you admire
and wish you could lead the way they do? The good news is you don’t have to be a natural
born leader. You can learn to be.

Being a leader is one of those soft skills that many of us possess. When it comes to being a
leader, the important skills include being able to inspire and motivate others, having a
direction forward, which the company or the project is going, knowing how to hire and fire if
necessary, being passionate and empathetic without being a pushover.

In this episode, I give you three top tips to help you hone your leadership skills, including:

● Know your own style.
● Be a good communicator.
● Develop your own personal mission and vision statement.

If you follow these tips and continue to hone your skills, you are putting yourself on the right
path to becoming a great leader.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:19} Learning from my sister

{3:08} Business is not a one size fits all

{4:48} A mission statement is your guiding light

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