EP. 103 5 Simple Ways to Count Your Blessings & Why You Should

Episode 103:
5 Simple Ways to Count Your Blessings & Why You Should


I consider myself an optimistic person, but even I don’t always make time to sit down and count my blessings… but I should, and so should you!

If we take the opportunity in our day to think about what we’re grateful for, it might just pick us up out of a slump and turn our day around. Research has shown that practicing gratitude can have a real positive impact on your life.

So in this episode, I share with you five strategies for cultivating a ritual of counting your blessings, including:

  • Before you go to sleep, write down three things you’re grateful for.
  • Say thank you to someone who has made a difference in your life.
  • Enjoy the simple pleasure in life.

Stepping back and taking stock of the good in your life can really help you get into a positive, productive mindset.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Counting your blessings is a pick me up

(03:59) Make it an everyday ritual

(06:04) The butterfly effect

(07:47) Be in the present

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