5 Steps to Reinvigorate Your Career This Summer

5 Steps to Reinvigorate Your Career This Summer

Summer is a time when the professional world slows down. More people take vacation, so the office can feel a little emptier.

Don’t let these slower months stall your career progress! There are many ways to take advantage of these summer months and invest in your career in big ways.

Here are my 5 steps to reinvigorate your career this summer.

  1. Know How You Want to Improve – What do you wish was different about your career? Think about what you like and don’t like about your career right now, and come up with a crystal clear vision for what you want.
  2. Create a Strategy – Many people live day to day and don’t take an active role in their career growth. Take some time this summer to think about your big career goals and work on your master plan.
  3. Reach Out to Your Network – People have more free time in the summer, so they’re way more likely to answer your emails or accept your invitation to go out for coffee. Take advantage of this time! Doing this now can make a big difference later on when you need advice or a new potential job opportunity!
  4. Invest in Yourself – Take a course, take a class – do something you’ve always wanted to do to boost your career! Use some of the free time to accomplish something that’s been on your to-do list for sometime, and gain new skills that will improve your performance at work and what you can offer.
  5. Join Industry Groups – Make new friends! Use this summer to join industry groups in your city/area and expand your network with new professionals! A new group of people means new perspectives, fresh experience and different ideas and advice surrounding career strategy and growth.

These summer months don’t need to feel like a slump! Keep yourself in the swing of things by investing in projects that boost your career, your professional growth and sense of purpose.


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