EP. 022 5 Tips for Savvy Self-Promotion

Episode 22:
5 Tips for Savvy Self-Promotion

Everyone knows that one person. The one who is always better, bigger, grander and more important than anyone in the room. The person who will one-up you no matter what you’re talking about or what his or her role is in that conversation.

Unfortunately, that person probably gets ahead. Why? Because they are not afraid to shout out their successes and point out how wonderful they are. They know they need to promote themselves and their contributions. They know they have to be their own best advocate.

In this episode I show you what you can do to make sure you gain the recognition you deserve, and make the career strides you want to by implementing these self-promotion strategies:

1. Impress the boss!

2. Timing is everything – know when and how to share your accomplishments.

3. Be honest and admit to failures.

4. The quality of your work should speak for itself.

If you take the time to follow these steps, you will soon see the results as your colleagues’ perception of you begins to change.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:14} It’s not always easy to talk about yourself

{3:12} Finding the accomplishments that set you apart

{6:53} Learn to get comfortable with public speaking

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