EP. 009 Are You Surrounded by Toxic People?

Episode 9:
Are You Surrounded by Toxic People?

Have you ever encountered a difficult colleague, or someone who spreads negative vibes through their behavior? This episode is all about toxic behaviour in the workplace, what it is and how to deal with it so you can stay emotionally healthy and happy at work.

Toxic behavior manifests in various ways including:

1. The Blamer

2. The Gossip

3. The Drama King or Queen

4. The Attention Seeker

5. The Passive Aggressive

6. The Credit-Stealer

But here’s the thing: there will always be people you come into contact with who make your blood boil. It could be a personality clash, or it could be because you find them rude or abusive. Do not fixate on changing them, because you can only control YOUR reaction to them.

I give you some useful tips on how to deal with toxic behavior, so listen, review and rate 5 stars if you find this podcast useful.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:24} You can’t change people, only your reaction

{3:16} Different types of toxic behaviour

{5:30} A shock to the system

{7:39} Changing the way you interact

{10:00} How can you empower yourself?

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