Episode 172: Do This If You Want To Be A Confident Public Speaker

Episode 172:
Do This If You Want To Be A Confident Public Speaker



It’s no secret that public speaking ranks as one of the top fears, affecting about 75% of adults. So today, I’m here to guide you through overcoming this phobia with proven strategies for enhancing your confidence.

In this episode, I offer valuable tips for preparing your speech, projecting your voice, and capturing your audience’s attention, whether you’re addressing a large crowd or speaking in a more intimate setting.

From the importance of preparation and voice projection to the benefits of recording yourself and seeking honest feedback, these insights are tailored to empower you to speak with conviction.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(0:44) Overcoming public speaking fear with tips and insights.

(1:57) Boosting speaking confidence.

(3:41) Improving virtual presentations through self-recording and feedback.

(5:56) Public speaking tips and confidence-building strategies.

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