EP. 035 Don’t let Decision Fatigue Get you Down

Episode 35:
Don’t let Decision Fatigue Get you Down

Have you ever battled with decision fatigue – that moment of feeling complete overwhelm
when faced with a major decision?
Studies have found decision fatigue leads to loss of self control, lack of persistence toward
goals and to feeling like an underachiever. It also found that when suffering from decision
fatigue, you’re more likely to make an impulsive decision you regret later.

In this episode I show you some strategies you can use to help make informed decisions
even in the face of decision fatigue, including:

  • Write down the pros and cons.
  •  Trust your gut and make a quick yes or no decision.
  •  Stop second guessing yourself.

Do not let yourself get stuck in the rut of indecisiveness. Use the tips and strategies in this
podcast to beat decision fatigue right now!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:34} It starts with breakfast

{4:06} Good preparation never fails

{8:03} Break down the big things into smaller manageable decisions

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