EP. 033 Gearing Up for Difficult Conversations

Episode 33:
Gearing Up for Difficult Conversations

If someone cuts in front of you in line or sits in your seat at the movie theatre, do you confront them? Or do you constantly run through in your mind all the things you’d wish you said?

If you choose not to face a difficult situation, it’s probably because you fear what might happen, and most of the time it will not be as bad as your imagination lets you believe! Of course, there’s a right way and a right time to have these difficult conversations, be it with a friend, a colleague, or a complete stranger.

In this episode, I give you some top tips you can use to prepare for potentially difficult conversations, such as:

  • Make a list of the talking points.
  • Avoid accusations.
  • Stay in control of your emotions.
  • Be prepared to apologize.
  • Be prepared to accept an apology… gracefully!

You should never enter a difficult conversation or confrontation without mentally preparing, and if you listen to this podcast you will have some of the tools you need to go in with a positive mindset and get the outcome you need.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:04} Take a break and regroup

{5:27} My difficult conversation with a colleague

{7:02} How to get prepared for a difficult conversation

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