EP. 088 How Much is Too Much to Sacrifice at Work?

Episode 88:
How Much is Too Much to Sacrifice at Work?

Where is your line in the sand?

We all have limits, and it’s important for you to know yours. Those who don’t can often agree to things they don’t feel comfortable doing, and that can lead to unhappiness or dissatisfaction at work. But if you don’t know where your line is, and what your non-negotiables are, how can you know if it’s being crossed?

In this episode, I reveal the strategies I share with my own executive coaching clients when they need to speak up for their non-negotiables, including:

  • Getting clear on what you want.
  • Aligning your non-negotiables with your values.
  • Setting expectations with others.

Once you know where your boundaries in the workplace are, you’ll be more confident speaking up when you need to.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Empower yourself by knowing your non-negotiables

(02:36) It’s up to you to speak up for yourself

(03:33) Simple strategies to help you speak up

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