EP. 091 How Much Will You Sacrifice for Your Job?

Episode 91:
How Much Will You Sacrifice for Your Job?

Do you feel like you have too much on your plate?

Are you prioritizing your boss over your family?

As ambitious career-driven individuals, we’ve all been there. I sacrificed too much for my career in the past until I eventually realized something needed to change. You may find that simply learning how to delegate or having a conversation with your employer can help, but it may also be time for you to look for new opportunities.

In this episode, I share some questions you can ask yourself to decide if your job is getting too much, including:

● Are you missing out on family events?
● Is your health suffering?
● Do you ever turn your gadgets off?

If your work is taking its toll on your mental and physical health, or you’re
working so much you’re forgetting to live, then maybe you need a career
change too.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) How much is too much?

(01:57) Speak up before you start drowning

(03:48) Ask yourself these questions

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