How to Actually Feel Comfortable In Front of the Camera

How to Actually Feel Comfortable In Front of the Camera

People ask me for advice on feeling comfortable in front of the camera all the time.

Whether it’s corporate headshots once a year or photo shoots for your personal brand, like I am here with Orange and Bergamot – when you’re investing in photos you want to look good and feel like yourself.

How can you do it? Here are a few of my favorite photo shoot tips.

  1. Not Every Shot Has to Be Perfect

This is not live television where you’ve got one shot to make it great. You’re going to have a bunch of photos to choose from – and not all of them need to be perfect! Instead of focusing on looking perfect in each one, try out a variety of poses and expressions so you’ll have many options to choose from.

      2. Practice Your Smile

This might be out of your comfort zone – but practicing for photo shoots can improve your level of confidence immensely. Have someone take a few photos of you beforehand with your phone and if you don’t like how something looks switch it up!

       3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Professionals

Comparison can be the thief joy – there’s nothing productive in comparison, it’s just self-judgement. Avoid comparing yourself to people who have been doing photo shoots for years, or who have more experience in front of the camera.

Overall, relax and have fun. Try to remember – the more you do it the more comfortable you’ll feel.



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