EP. 101 How to Avoid Resting Zoom Face

Episode 101:
How to Avoid Resting Zoom Face


Do you remember a time, before the pandemic, when meetings were held face-to-face? When working from home was the exception, not the rule? And when you couldn’t attend a meeting in your slacks or PJs?

We are now living in an age of virtual meetings, where Zoom (or your conferencing platform of choice) is the norm, so it’s important to make the best impression!

In this episode, I share some top tips to avoid the dreaded resting Zoom face, including:

  • Look engaged – a concentration face can look like resting Zoom face!
  • Look up at the camera rather than down.
  • Avoid the eye-rolls as your meeting may be recorded.

So when you’re having Zoom meetings, ask yourself what small tweaks you can make to improve how you present your virtual self.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Business on the top, casual on the bottom

(02:14) My checklist to avoid resting Zoom face

(03:58) Take a screenshot and ‘screen test’ yourself

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