EP. 003 How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Episode 3:
How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

As you start to see the result of your hard work and an increase to your income, do you ever feel like you don’t deserve what you have? Or that you’re not good enough, and you’ve somehow bluffed your way to where you are?

Imposter syndrome is something we all deal with at some time in our professional lives, especially as we begin to climb the ladder and see more success, but not everybody likes to talk about it.

In this episode, I’m going to help you learn how to combat self doubt, become a more confident you and cast away the shadow of imposter syndrome. I define what exactly imposter syndrome is, and offer some quick tips that have helped me combat imposter syndrome over the years.

I’d like to offer a couple rapid-fire tips that have helped me combat imposter syndrome over the years.

  1. Remember that you’re not alone. The majority of us struggle with this issue at some point. And the rest of us are probably lying. It’s normal to doubt yourself at times. It doesn’t make you weak–it makes you human. You might not be able to control the occasional moments in which you wonder, Why me? Why do I deserve this and not literally anyone else? or think, I’m not good enough! But you can redirect your thoughts, silence the shame, and adopt a posture of gratitude. 
  2. Ask yourself if this mentality is helping you or holding you back. Are you feeling healthily humbled due to a career misstep? Or are you overthinking, ruminating on something that isn’t worth losing sleep over? Analyze your thought processes and consider where the doubts are coming from. Then, release them. Let them go. Tomorrow is a new day. 
  3. Focus on the here and now. Grounding yourself in the present is a wonderful way to remind yourself of what genuinely matters. Will this issue still be plaguing you a month from now? A year from now? Focus on the actions you can take in the present moment. 
  4. Remind yourself that you are worthy of success. The abundance mentality opens us up to the possibility that we are all deserving of everything we desire! Another person’s success does not mean your downfall, or vice versa. Check in with yourself and affirm that you deserve what you have achieved.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:35} You deserve this

{2:32} Overnight success is a myth

{4:18} Imposter syndrome is holding you back

{5:54} Imposter syndrome is misplaced gratitude

{7:58} Focus on what you can do in the present

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