EP. 106 How to Curb Holiday Stress and Enjoy the Season

Episode 106:
How to Curb Holiday Stress and Enjoy the Season




Nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly stressed out, particularly during the holiday season. It puts everyone on edge, and often that person can direct their stress and anxiety towards others.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the one spiralling down a black hole of overwhelm, on a one-way ticket to burnout? It happens to all of us, but the festive period can often be a triggering time as everyone rushes to get ahead of themselves during the Christmas shutdown, and you’re trying to hit those important end of year targets! 

In this episode I share some strategies you can use to take control and keep your priorities in check, including:

  • You’re allowed to say no.
  • Is this task really as urgent as you think it is?
  • Ask for help!

Don’t let this holiday season pass you by in a blur. Use the tips in this podcast and try to enjoy each moment and be the best version of yourself to your colleagues and your loved ones.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Stress is contagious

(01:38) Nobody has ever died from shame

(04:12) Don’t go down the black hole

(05:38) Leave yourself some breathing room

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