Episode 186: How To Get Unstuck This Summer

Episode 186:
How To Get Unstuck This Summer



Welcome to today’s episode, where we dive into the common feeling of being stuck, especially during the summer months.

As someone who juggles multiple roles—as a business owner, podcaster, mom, wife, and friend—I understand the challenges of overwhelming to-do lists and the procrastination that can follow.

We’ll explore practical strategies to break free from the rut and regain your momentum. From reevaluating your goals to decluttering your space and even considering a coach, I’ll share insights and actionable tips to help you move forward.

Whether it’s the heat or the slow pace of summer that’s got you feeling a bit off, this episode is here to help you find clarity and get back on track. Join me as we tackle how to refresh your professional and personal life during these slower months.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(1:03)Overcoming procrastination and feeling stuck in life.

(2:15) You’re not alone in how you feel.

(3:41) Reevaluating goals, seeking outside perspective, and taking action to move forward.

(4:29) Decluttering, and taking breaks to overcome procrastination.

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