How to Handle Work Overwelm

How to Handle Work Overwelm

How to Handle Work Overwelm

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If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated or even angry with your workload – here are my top three tips on how to get clear on what you can do to change the current situation and figure out if it’s time to look for a new job.

  1. Get clear and ask what is expected of you; your boss might not even realize just how much you are working.
  2. Get clear with yourself – what can you handle and what is too much work and responsibility? Once you get clear, find out if you can lighten your workload, and how to lighten it.
  3. If it’s still too much work then ask yourself – is this the right job for me? If it’s not the right job, create an action plan and strategy for how to move to another department or commit to looking for a new job.

There’s nothing worse than staying in a job that makes you miserable.


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