How to Maximize Your Vacation

How to Maximize Your Vacation

How to Maximize Your Vacation

Ahhhhh vacation… studies show that there are endless benefits to taking vacation including: the ability to unwind, recharge, fill up your gas tank, beat burnout, feel more energized, improved mental health, and recover from stress.

Here are my top 3 tips to maximize your vacation.
1. Ask yourself the following before you leave or start your stay-cation: What is the main/goal point of my vacation? A Harvard study shows that people who set goals are more likely to achieve what they want in life – compared to those who don’t.
2. Answer: To relax, disconnect, recharge, have fun, meet new people, enjoy time with family or take a step back. Maybe it’s not just to relax, but to make important decisions like retirement or discuss expanding your family.
3. Action: What does it take to achieve this goal? What do I need to relax when I’m on vacation? Is it to disconnect from my phone – so instead of looking at your phone every 10 mins, how about checking every 3 hours. Do I want to sleep in, work out in gym or yoga, try hiking, or go shopping?
Not everyone has the ability to disconnect 100% while on vacation. So set parameters and boundaries for yourself. For example, perhaps just work from 8am-11am, so you don’t get stuck working your entire vacation.


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