Episode 136: How to Stay Professional When You’re Furious

Episode 136:
How to Stay Professional When You’re Furious



As kids we had meltdowns and tantrums all the time, and usually over the silliest of things! 

But when we’re all grown up, and especially while we’re in the workplace, it’s not as cute to be throwing our toys out of the pram when things go against us. Losing our temper at work could result in career damage that you may not recover from. 

In this episode I share some tips to help you keep your cool at work when the going gets tough, including: 

  • Walk away.
  • What are you really upset about?
  • Do something… anything!

Keeping a cool head at work is important if you want to maintain a good reputation and progress in your career. 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:22) How to deal with disappointment

(02:33) Walking away when the anger sets in

(03:33) Know your triggers

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