How to survive the holidays when you don’t feel like celebrating


How to survive the holidays when you don’t feel like celebrating

Going through a tough or challenging time? Don’t feel much like celebrating this holiday season? Perhaps you’re dealing with illness, job loss, divorce or even death of a loved one, which can make it tough to be in the festive mood. Here are my top tips on how to make the best of the holidays.

  1. Set an intention for the holidays. “I am going to enjoy this holiday to the best of my ability and appreciate the good stuff.”
  2. This too shall pass. Recognize you will not feel like this forever.
  3. Remain in charge. Look forward, not back.

By taking these steps it will help you to remain feeling in charge. Focus on what is good in your life and the things that make you happy and bring you joy. And remember you won’t feel like this forever. Rely on others for additional support. I can remember going through a tough time years ago and I wish I had a plan to help me through it, because it really does get better.


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