How to Thrive in High-Pressure Moments


How to Thrive in High-Pressure Moments

Here I was getting ready to be on CNN! When you’re getting ready to broadcast to a huge audience, the pressure is on. There’s no turning back – it’s go time.

How do you bring your A-game in these moments, and avoid letting the high stakes get to you? With a few tips and some solid strategies – it’s much easier to remain in control and nail it every time.

Here are a few things to remember and use right before you’re about to go live, make a big presentation or interview for a job:

  1. You’re the expert. There’s a reason you were given this opportunity- you know your stuff! Trust yourself and all of the knowledge and experience you have. You’re made for this!
  2. It’s natural to be nervous – even after you’ve been doing it for years! Just remind yourself that you’ve been successful before and you’ll be successful again.
  3. If you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it. Just pick up and move on! Everyone has hiccups, and it’s crucial to forgive yourself and learn from it.

Our most challenging moments are the ones where we learn and grow from the most. Don’t shy away from them! Your best is good enough. You’re ready.


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