EP. 102 Is it Better to be Liked or Respected at Work?

Episode 102:
Is it Better to be Liked or Respected at Work?


When I was an entry-level junior at the bottom of the career ladder, everyone liked me, and I’m sure you remember those days too! But as you begin to progress and take more senior positions, that popularity may be compromised.
We all wish we could be both respected and liked at work, but is often tricky, and, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be respected as a boss than liked?
In this episode I explain why being the push-over boss may not always be a good thing, and run through some questions you can ask yourself if you’re not sure, including:
So your employees listen when you speak?
Do they meet the deadlines you set?
Do you let boundaries get blurred?
Remember, you cannot please everyone all the time. As a boss and a leader, you cannot be liked by everyone, and that’s ok! Focus on winning the respect of your peers, and the rest will follow.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) You can’t have both

(02:53) You need to set boundaries

(06:11) Do you act like a leader?

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