It’s Time to Talk Office Romance

It’s Time to Talk Office Romance

It’s Time to Talk Office Romance

As Valentine’s Day approaches – it’s time to talk office romance.

According to The Balance Careers, 57% of individuals have dated a coworker and 55% of HR professionals say marriage is the most likely outcome of office romance.

Something that may seem taboo is way more common than you might think, and it doesn’t need to threaten your career if you follow these top tips for smart office dating!

  • Have a plan – know your company’s HR policies so you can date without breaking any rules and putting your future at the company in jeopardy!
  • Be discreet, professional, and save personal conversations and romantic gestures for after-work hours.
  • Set boundaries – these will be crucial in avoiding hurt feelings and awkwardness if things don’t work out.

Keep these tips in mind and more often than not, you can make it work.


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