EP. 049 Multitasking is Not your Friend

Episode 49:
Multitasking is Not your Friend

In today’s world we’re surrounded by distractions. ‘Being busy’ is often seen by society as a badge of honour – it’s not. Neither is multi-tasking. Combining more than one task that requires your concentration can have damaging effects on how efficiently you achieve your objectives and can also cause a lot of stress.  

In this episode I’m going to give you seven key tips to help stop multi-tasking from killing your productivity including:

  • The use of a timer.
  • The batching method.
  • Finding a quiet space.

By explaining the negative effects multi-tasking may be having on your life, and providing you with positive, effective solutions to manage these stresses; you can live a happier, more efficient life.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:59) The many distractions in today’s world and how they affect us

(02:40) The negative effects of multitasking

(03:27) 7 key tips to stop multi-tasking from killing your productivity

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