My Tips for Getting Ready for a TV Appearance

My Tips for Getting Ready for a TV Appearance

My Tips for Getting Ready for a TV Appearance

Here I am getting ready for a TV appearance! It is crucial to prepare for every on-camera appearance so you feel confident in what you are saying. Feeling and looking your best will also help your performance and can build momentum for future opportunities on-camera.

Here are some must use tips for looking and feeling your best:

  1. Get your hair done or if that’s not an option keep your hair neat and tidy, don’t be afraid of hair products
  2. Wear makeup, men should wear pressed powder at a minimum (Mac Studio Fix pressed powder is my fav)
  3. Wear something that is flattering, a great color on you that makes you feel powerful

None of this means you have to look like a supermodel, but it does mean you’ll be glad you put the extra effort in when you watch the video back.

Looking your best matters. If you put effort into your appearance, it reflects confidence and investment in yourself and your performance. Others will recognize it and appreciate your professionalism and preparation. Trust me, you’ll be glad when you look back on the experience.


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