National Stress Awareness Day Post

National Stress Awareness Day Post

National Stress Awareness Day Post

Today is National #StressAwarenessDay. Statistically most of us feel stressed at work – about 80% of us to be exact.

One of the best ways to mitigate stress and take care of yourself is to take ACTION. Action dissipates the anxiety and overwhelm that can come from feeling stuck in a dysfunctional situation. You don’t need to feel stuck!

Here are my 3 steps to reducing your stress and building a healthier, calmer and more productive atmosphere for yourself at work and beyond.

  1. Set boundaries for yourself. Always checking your phone as soon as you get home from work? Cheating with work email during your downtime? Time off is crucial to performing your best at work – so put your phone in another room! If realistic, set time limits on how much you’re on your phone when you’re not at work and stick to them! Taking the time to actually recharge will help you perform your best going forward.
  2. Calendar management. Own your calendar! Set aside time for yourself throughout the day and week when nobody else can schedule meetings with you.
  3. Supportive environment. Build a supportive environment by asking for what you want! Nobody is a mind reader, and you can’t expect people to hand you things that will make your life better. YOU have the control and need to advocate for yourself so others understand.

Remember, you don’t need to feel helpless against a problem client or demanding boss. You CAN take steps to improve the situation, prioritize your needs, and reduce the source of your stress.


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