Office Gossip: How and Why To Avoid It

Office Gossip

Office Gossip: How and Why To Avoid It

Office gossip isn’t beneficial for anyone, and is best avoided. It can be toxic, it wastes time and productivity, and it can hurt people! Now the question becomes – how do you know when it’s gossip, and how do you avoid it?

There’s no problem chatting with coworkers! In fact, chatting and sharing fosters strong work relationships, which can be beneficial.

It’s gossip when it turns malicious and is said with ill-will. Here are my top tips for avoiding office gossip for good:

  1. Stay professional – don’t say anything you wouldn’t want said about you
  2. Stand up for someone when you disagree or feel that the conversation has turned hurtful, or change the topic when you feel uncomfortable
  3. Don’t engage with people who are office gossipers, and be mindful of who you share your personal information with – surround yourself with positive, supportive colleagues!

Office relationships can be tricky at times, but a surefire way to find healthy ones is to avoid office gossip!


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