EP. 008 Putting Yourself First

Episode 8:
Putting Yourself First

I have often encountered individuals who are holding themselves back from reaching their potential, and it’s usually because of anxiety, stress or self-doubt.

We are constantly balancing many different roles in our lives – parent, employee, spouse, friend – and in recent challenging times these different conflicting roles can take their toll.

How are you supposed to show up as your best self when you’re feeling this way? The answer is pretty simple, and in this podcast I help you try and shift your perspective so that you start putting yourself first and improve your work-life harmony by implementing these two simple strategies:

1. Ask yourself the difficult questions… and answer them!

2. Take one hour each day for yourself.

Once you get into the habit of knowing what you want, and putting time aside for yourself, you will be in a clearer, calmer state of mind to get it!


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:10} We play many different parts in life

{3:07} When your mind is anxious, your body follows

{4:16} Prioritize yourself more.

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