EP. 104 Strategies to Combat Year-End Stress

Episode 104:
Strategies to Combat Year-End Stress


The year-end stress is real, folks! And there are many things that can contribute to it – at home, you might have the pressure of hosting social events, from cooking and decorations to buying the perfect gifts, while at work there’s the seasonal stress as people take time off, deadlines loom and, if you run your own business, you might be trying to wrap up your admin before the end of the year.

In this episode, I share my top six strategies for coping with year-end stress, including:

  • Check-in with yourself.
  • Ask for help.
  • Take a break!

Whatever is causing your year-end stress, it’s time to tackle it head-on, because you deserve to enjoy the holiday season – you’ve earned it!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Year-end stress is real

(02:27) My top six strategies

(05:30) Prolonged stress can have long-term consequences

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