Episode 166: Tell Me about yourself… Don’t give me your CV

Episode 166:
Tell Me about yourself… Don’t give me your CV



In today’s episode, we’ll be talking all about the art of networking and making meaningful connections.

I’ll share my personal insights on how to introduce yourself effectively, going beyond the typical elevator pitch or resume rundown.

We’ll explore strategies to make a personal connection at networking events, emphasizing the importance of listening and reciprocating in conversations.

Learn how to highlight your best qualities and weave in success stories that make you approachable, without sounding desperate or overly promotional. Discover the significance of building genuine relationships based on mutual interests, commonalities, and trust.

Whether you’re aiming to grow your business, find new clients, or simply expand your professional network, this episode will equip you with practical tips to make every introduction count.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(0:24) Leadership skills and personal development.

(0:52) Networking event etiquette and connection-making strategies.

(2:20) Networking event strategies for making meaningful connections.

(3:50) Networking tips for building business relationships.

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