“Elizabeth does an outstanding job delivering media, presentation & communication workshops for the Newswomen’s Club of New York.  She gets rave reviews from our members for teaching them how to feel comfortable when giving a presentation and how to feel confident on camera. Elizabeth’s past experience as a Reuters TV anchor gives her a unique perspective on what it takes to deliver when the stakes are high, which makes her a qualified and credible trainer and coach. I highly recommend Elizabeth.”


Toni Reinhold
Editor In Charge, Americas Desk, Thomson Reuters,
President of the Newswomen’s Club of New York

“In nearly 16 years in the workplace, I have not met a better career coach than Elizabeth Koraca. Her teaching has been indispensable. The most critical lesson I received focused on the idea of self-promotion. In short, no one cares more about your career than you do, so the onus is on you to drive it forward. Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to me, but Elizabeth demonstrated how important it is. She taught me how to ‘self promote’ in a way that fits easily into the conversation and shines a light on me. She has been wonderful, and I’m excited to continue to learn from her. If you want to know what it takes to succeed in your career, I highly recommend that you speak with Elizabeth.”


Ed Jun,
Director, Regional Strategy, Pfizer

“I met Elizabeth Koraca when she was assigned to a key customer project in Singapore involving CCTV of China. She is a skilled, experienced and polished TV journalist who also understands the complete aspects of putting together a video production. She is a talented trainer and coach who helped me transition from print journalism to broadcast, and deliver TV reports with confidence. She has remarkable people skills and works well with diverse teams including those in remote locations. Her own corporate background working with high-powered financial executives positioned her to successfully coach senior corporate executives seeking to improve presentation, communication, and interview skills.”


Christina Pantin, Vice President, Public Affairs,
Samsung, USA

“As a business development professional, my role is grinding and it is easy to default to a strategy that been successful in the past.  In working with Elizabeth, I have redefined my client engagement strategy and taken my business to a new level.  Elizabeth combines executive, career and personal coaching in a practical way that achieves significant (amazing) results. She uses her consultative approach that has helped me develop as a leader with my clients, my peers and within my organization.  For anyone who wants to continue to grow both personally and professionally, working with Elizabeth is a valuable resource that will accelerate you to achieve your goals and aspirations.”


Jacqueline Tung, Vice President, Sales,
NEI Investments

“Prior to starting to work with Elizabeth, I felt quite anxious about work as our company was going through quite a change. I felt as though I had a lack of clarity on what I wanted and felt quite lost in my career. Elizabeth has helped me in many ways, but primarily, she has helped me regain confidence in what I do. She has helped me set goals and a has helped me stay focused on what matters most to me. Elizabeth has helped me uncover and further strengthen my skills and qualities. She has helped me identify, stay on track, and achieve goals which in turn, have made me realize that regardless of what is going on in your life and at work, by setting goals and taking charge of what is important for you, the feeling of anxiety turns into power, confidence and accomplishment. Additionally, Elizabeth’s has helped me refine and further develop my public speaking skills, leading me to undertake more speaking engagements around the country. I am very thankful for the time I have been able to spend with Elizabeth and cannot wait to continue having her by my side as a coach, mentor, and friend!”


Amelie Beauregard, CIM,
National Manager of Strategic Relationships, NEI Investments

“Being able to meet with someone and discuss in a confidential environment – work and ways to make it and life outside work better is invaluable.  Elizabeth Koraca is EXACTLY that person.  If you are willing to take an honest look at yourself then be coached by Elizabeth.  I have been in my current position for nearly 20 years and have been working with Elizabeth for over a year; my outlook is new and my energy is increased in large part due to Elizabeth’s coaching.”


Walter J. Maher, RPA, General Manager, JLL,
Jones Lang LaSalle, Property Management Services

“Last year I found myself in a “professional rut” (for lack of better words). Following graduating from law school in 2016, I worked in criminal defense which was emotionally draining to say the least. Prior to law school, I completed a Masters and taught university. Even with such amazing credentials and experience, I felt discouraged, unfulfilled and confused about what to do next. I had no idea what career I wanted and no professional goals in sight. Then a close friend of mine (who had been gushing about Elizabeth forever) recommended Elizabeth to me – everything instantly changed for me. Elizabeth helped me both find a sense of empowerment in myself, and develop a positive relationship with myself. I have always struggled with setting goals and thinking long term, and Elizabeth has really empowered me to discover what makes me passionate, and essentially organize my life. I have always been passionate about fitness, and have been teaching indoor cycling for a number of years. Elizabeth helped me determine what my dream career is by looking at what makes me happy and what skills I have. My dream career that I’m making a reality this year – Wellness Coaching for Lawyers and Law Students and continue to lecturing. I am so grateful for Elizabeth, and the amazing toolset she has provided me for thriving in every aspect of my life.”


Pamela Rose Glatt, Lecturer, Ryerson University

“Elizabeth combines career, life, and public speaking coaching in one complete package. She is an expert communicator with great experience from her time on air at Reuters and she has helped me think through issues logically, set goals and make smarter life decisions, and improve my public and 1:1 speaking skills. I highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone who wants to greatly improve these skills and step up their game.”


Jay Shek, Product Manager, Facebook

“Elizabeth is a valued and trusted advisor to the AABDC. Based on my many years of interaction with Elizabeth in her capacity as a Corporate Consultant and Executive Coach, I find her to be very knowledgeable on subject matters she happens to be dealing with. She is always well prepared to provide briefings on issues and offer excellent guidance in handling matters large and small. She exudes confidence in her personal appearance and offers a high comfort level to clients in formal and social settings. She is a consummate professional in her work and we depend on her for her expertise.”


John Wang, President,
Asian American Business Development Center

“Elizabeth Koraca is one of the best coaches and trainers in the business. She is passionate and loves what she does and it shows. I’ve experienced and seen the results of her coaching first-hand. She has given me some amazing tips on giving presentations and it has immensely improved my performance. Her experience as a former Reuters TV serves her clients well, preparing them for whatever comes their way. Her style is both re-assuring and firm. She helps people focus on exactly what they want to communicate, and how to get their point across in the most effective manner. She connects well with everyone she meets, and builds the confidence needed to get the job done. I highly recommend Elizabeth for any of your coaching and training needs and would be happy to speak further about my experience with her.”


Bobbi Rebell, Author, How to Be a Financial Grownup,
US Chief TV Correspondent & Anchor for Business
Video, Reuters

“If you want to excel in your career and take your business to the next level, then hire Elizabeth Koraca. She is very relatable and easy to talk to because she shares her own personal stories of adversity. Elizabeth is a high achiever, which makes her a credible and experienced high performance coach. She is as authentic as it gets and I highly recommend her!”


Kalika Yap,
CEO & Founder of Citrus Studios, Orange & Bergamot, and Luxe Link

“Working in a constantly changing and high pressure industry such as financial sales, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed; however working with Elizabeth has enabled me to develop a clear focus to my business plans, but also what I expect from myself professionally and personally. Her approach encouraged me to look within myself to highlight my strengths and develop my skills and qualities to create a confidence that pushed me forward. By un-tapping this confidence and focusing on what was most important to me, I became more decisive, asked better questions and improved my public speaking skills. I have been fortunate enough to continue to develop with Elizabeth for over a year now and I truly believe the first step to taking “the next step” is by working with Elizabeth.”


Daniel Han,
Vice President, Sales, NEI Investments

“Presenting is not something I’ve had to do to advance my career … until now. I get very nervous, and tend to lose my words as a result. I recently had to give a 10-minute presentation and knew I’d need assistance. I hired Elizabeth. After two sessions and a few email exchanges, my script was ready for the masses. I gave my speech, accompanied by a slideshow, and received the most incredibly encouraging feedback. Elizabeth’s suggestions turned my speech into a confident, linear story about my path to Interior Design. And, she helped me discover something about myself: I have a tendency to make jokes or off-hand comments with a self-deprecating tone. It was refreshing to not only remove those comments from my speech, but to remove them from my daily dialogue. With this realization, I’m changing habits in my external and internal dialogue. It’s a much healthier way to live in the world. With a wonderfully supportive approach, Elizabeth works magic.”


Tobi Wright, Interior Designer, Inside Wright

“I frequently host seminars on various financial planning topics as a way to reach out to members of my community. When I started giving these presentations, I had no public speaking experience. Elizabeth Koraca is uniquely gifted in her ability to convey her message with a high level of confidence, clearly and concisely. The tips she shared with me on addressing a room full of people have been invaluable.”


Paul Tramontozzi, Independent Financial Professional

“Elizabeth Koraca approaches coaching with sincere empathy and desire to see others achieve their true personal and professional greatness. She has successfully challenged me by guiding me out of my comfort zone and holding me responsible and accountable for my actions and results. Her knowledge and intelligence in interpersonal communication, image design, and marketing have greatly assisted me to achieve new heights in developing my personal brand. She has boosted my performance to the next level. I highly recommend Elizabeth Koraca as a personal coach or professional consultant to anyone looking to take their career to the next level and fully challenge themselves to be the best in their field.”


A.J. Nystrom, Corrections Officer,
Massachusetts Department of Corrections

“As a former Merrill Lynch investment banker who launched a new career as an entrepreneur, building a business and brand has been challenging. I was so fortunate to have been referred to Elizabeth, who has been absolutely crucial to the success of my business. Elizabeth leverages extensive experience as a TV anchor and corporate consultant, and knows exactly how to approach all my questions. She critiques and provides effective feedback and creates a space where you feel comfortable opening up to share thoughts and concerns. It is a hard to find that combination, so I recognize that she truly is a gem in the industry. With Elizabeth’s help improving my image and pitch to clients, I have vastly expanded my client base and increased my revenue. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for any of your business or presentation needs.”


Atthena Breitton, Founder, Atthena Yoga NYC

“Elizabeth Koraca is an inspiring professional coach. Before I started working with her I felt like I had lost my momentum. I felt stuck in the past, like every day was groundhog day, repeating the same boring things over and over again. I was punishing myself for past mistakes. Elizabeth encouraged me to find the things that make me happy, to dream big, and help me find my bliss…my inner happiness. Elizabeth has helped me learn to stay focused on the present moment by setting short-term goals which lead to long-term happiness and accomplishments. Goal-setting is one of her specialties as is being an incredible listener and supportive person. She is kind and caring, and her support has helped me improve in many positive ways. I feel like I can do anything after speaking with Elizabeth. She has helped me figure out what I want in my personal life as well as in my career in a short period of time. I feel a greater sense of purpose after my coaching sessions with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a wonderful role model for women and has helped me learn how to be assertive without being defensive. She has given me tools to help me become a better communicator. Elizabeth helped me see the good things in myself and has taught me not to be so hard on myself, treat myself with kindness, and listen to my inner voice. I now feel like I have accomplished many of my goals successfully. I am happier and feel more in control of my life, and I am looking forward to working towards the next goals Elizabeth has helped me set.”


Courtenay Dew, Educator,
Toronto District School Board

“I needed help at various stages of a formal interview process with a large hedge fund firm, so I engaged Elizabeth to help me figure out who I was and how to present myself. Over several sessions, she helped me tailor my message, prioritize my talking points, eliminate my bad habits, and become a personal storyteller as well as an investment analyst. This helped me immensely and I depended on my newfound skills throughout the interview process. I didn’t realize I needed this help until I got it. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone who doesn’t want to leave any aspect of an interview process to chance.”


Victor Bonilla, Partner,
New York Hedge Fund Firm

“Working with Elizabeth has been an absolute game-changer. After getting to know my story, she helped me regain confidence in the office by introducing me to tools that have dramatically improved how I present myself and my work product, and have helped me strategically navigate interactions with difficult colleagues. She continues to help me re-establish a vision for my career, which is indispensable in a competitive industry like finance. I’d highly recommend working with Elizabeth to anyone feeling they are ‘beaten up’ by their work environment or in need of injecting new life into their careers.”


Glen A, Managing Director,
New York Hedge Fund Firm

“I worked with Elizabeth to prepare for the interview process at a large mutual fund firm. Because I was hoping to transition from another industry, it was crucial for me to be able to tell my ‘story’ in a logical, compelling way and to communicate with the right tone. Immediately, she provided me with concrete, actionable feedback and then continued to help me fine-tune to the point where I was able to express my message confidently and effectively. I received the offer!”


Andrew R, Director,
New York Hedge Fund Firm

“You can tell Elizabeth is fantastic on camera the moment you meet her. She’s naturally talented. She helped me refine my presence and boost my confidence on camera. She is kind, patient, and thoughtful in her suggestions. After her coaching, I felt so much more natural and at ease on camera.”


Emily C, Senior Editor,


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