Episode 112 The Benefits of Monotasking

EP. 112 The Benefits of Monotasking

Episode 112:
The Benefits of Monotasking

You’ve probably heard the term multitasking, and I bet you even consider it a strength of yours, am I right? But what about monotasking?

It’s not as common, but monotasking has a lot of benefits to it, and there are certainly times when you need to monotask, such as during a client meeting. Nobody wants to be on a call with someone who’s constantly distracted by other tasks!

In this episode I share some top strategies to help you embrace the monotask lifestyle, including:
●  Schedule breaks.
●  Lockout distractions.

●  Work on tasks in natural sequence.

Multitasking might feel more productive, but learning to live the monotask way might help you get the best out of yourself and take your career to the next level.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Getting in flow

(04:03) How to embrace monotasking

(06:36) It might take time, and that’s ok

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