The Importance of a Personal Brand and How to Build It

The Importance of a Personal Brand and How to Build It

A personal brand is something you can have no matter who you are, what job you have or industry you work in.

When you hear the phrase “personal brand,” people often think they’re only for people who own their own businesses, are entrepreneurs or influencers.

Can you have a personal brand and also work for a company? Absolutely!

Defining your personal brand is all about establishing the ways in which you as an individual create value for your organization. You’re not just a cog in the machine!

Here are my top 5 tips for boosting and defining your personal brand that you can implement and start using today!

  1.  Give your digital presence a boost. Post your accomplishments on LinkedIn – you never know who might come across your profile! It will keep you top of mind.
  2. What makes you stand out? What’s most impressive about you and how can you showcase those talents? These answers will help to shape your whole personal brand.
  3. Ask thoughtful questions during meetings. Using your voice is one of the best ways to strengthen your personal brand and value.
  4. Take advantage of opportunities that highlight you as a valuable asset to the company. Your career is YOURS – and nobody else is going to run it for you. Make it happen!
  5. Add building your personal brand to your career goals so you can keep track of your progress.

Having a personal brand increases your credibility, boosts your reputation and positions you for opportunities you’re well-suited for.

Making a few changes today can give your personal brand new life.


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