Episode 167: Valentine’s Day is about self care!

Episode 167:
Valentine’s Day is about self care!



In this week’s episode we’ll be diving into the heart of self-care this Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status.

During my time as a career coach, I learned the power of self-love in building confidence and asking for what you want.

We’ll explore how to treat yourself with the same love and care you give to others, debunk the myth that self-care is selfish, and share actionable ways to embrace kindness towards yourself. From saying no to overcommitments to reengaging with hobbies you love and paying it forward, I’ll give tips on how to boost your mood and attract positivity into your life.

Let’s talk about making small changes for a big impact on your well-being this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Whether you’re single or coupled up, it’s time to prioritize your happiness.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(0:48) Self-care and self-love on Valentine’s Day.

(1:24) Celebrate yourself and your achievements.

(2:41) Self-care practices for mental and physical well-being.

(3:51) The importance of habitual self-care.

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