Episode 150: What to do when self doubt creeps in

Episode 150:
What to do when self doubt creeps in



We all go through stages in our careers when we begin to wonder if we’re good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough of the job we have or want. 

Self doubt will affect us at some point, but let me tell you there’s no point comparing yourself to others or focusing on the negatives. So in this episode I share some of the tried and tested tips you can use to break out of that self doubt cycle, including: 

  • Change the narrative.
  • Hire a coach.
  • Create a strategy.

If you can stop the self doubt pulling you down, you can come out stronger than ever and get yourself on the path to success. You got this! 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:38) Breaking the cycle in competitive environments

(02:58) Personal and professional growth

(04:35) How to gain recognition and success

(05:51) The dangers of social media

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