Episode 178: Why Moms Should Speak Up For Themselves On Mother’s Day

Episode 178:
Why Moms Should Speak Up For Themselves On Mother’s Day



This Mother’s Day, I want to encourage all moms to truly express what they desire for their special day. Whether it’s a quiet morning, a spa day, or simply a break from the usual work around the house, it’s important to communicate your wishes.

In today’s episode, I’ll discuss why it’s essential for moms to speak up and ask for what they really want, without feeling guilty about putting themselves first occasionally. I’ll share tips on how to assertively and lovingly make your needs known to your loved ones.

Join me in learning how to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that genuinely makes you happy.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(1:53) Putting your needs first as a mom.

(2:54) Speaking up for yourself and prioritizing self-care.

(5:06) Treating yourself on Mother’s Day.

(6:00) Practice gratitude and ask for what you want.

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