Ep 120 Why You Need A To-Don't List

Episode 120: Why You Need A To-Don’t List

Episode 120:
Why You Need A To-Don’t List

Ep 120 Why You Need A To-Don't ListThe chances are you already have a to-do list, am I right?

Your to-do list is designed to keep you on track with essential tasks, and help you and prioritise and check off items to keep your schedule organised. But what about the tasks you should or could stop doing? These are the tasks which are inefficient, time-intensive or simply used to procrastinate. We all have them!

In this episode I show you why it can be super helpful to have a to-don’t list, and share some of the things you should consider adding to it, such as:

  • Saying yes to projects you have no time or interest in.
  • Tasks that cause your work life to spill into your home life
  • Trying to win an argument or make others like me.

Sometimes, knowing what you shouldn’t be focusing on is just as important as knowing what you should, and that’s why you need a to-don’t list.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:28) Make time for the things that matter

(02:52) These are definite ‘to-don’t’ items

(04:31) Stop comparing yourself to others

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