EP. 107 Why You Need To Reflect On 2022

Episode 107:
Why You Need To Reflect On 2022



I find that before I move forward into the new year, I need to take time and reflect on the year gone by. Reflecting on our achievements over the past year is important, and also helps us plan and set appropriate goals for the year ahead.

In this episode, I share the top 10 questions you should ask yourself when reflecting back on your 2022, including:

  • What were your best and worst decisions?
  • What didn’t you accomplish that you wish you had?
  • What was the biggest lesson you learned this year?

It’s not important to know all of the answers but to at least spend some time considering them. Then, you can charge into the new year having learned from the past, ready to conquer 2023…

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:46) Looking in the rear view mirror

(01:56) Don’t beat yourself up over incomplete goals!

(05:15) Start your 2023 goal-setting

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