EP. 056 Why You’re Bad At Managing Your Time and How To Fix It

Episode 56:
Why You’re Bad At Managing Your Time and How To Fix It

Did you know February is National Time Manage Month?

When it comes to time management, every single one of us has a slightly different method that works for us, but only you can figure out what that is – maybe it’s an old school planner and pen, or something more scientific like the Pomodoro Technique.

In this episode I highlight some of the ways you might be struggling with your time management, and give you some tips to deal with it, including:

  • Do a time audit.
  • Block out your time.
  • Know how you work best, and adapt!

We all have bad habits when it comes to time management, but now’s the time (pun intended) to do something about it!



Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:37) Plan around what works for you

(03:37) We all have time wasters

(06:11) A task expands to fill the time you allocate for it!

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