EP. 051 Work-Life-Motherhood Harmony: Kick Guilt to the Curb

Episode 51:
Work-Life-Motherhood Harmony: Kick Guilt to the Curb


We all wear many hats. You can be a spouse, parent, caregiver, employee, business owner, sibling, and more. There will be times you are more work-focused, and times when you are more family-focused. Because of this, I do not believe in a true work-life balance. What I strive for is work-life harmony.

In this episode I give you some tips to make your work-life harmony as good as possible, including:

  • Be present.
  • Make your office family friendly.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Stop striving for the perfect work-life balance – it doesn’t exist! But hopefully by listening to this podcast you can achieve the ideal work-life harmony.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:14) The balancing act.

(03:32) Know when to put your phone away!

(04:53) Make a realistic schedule.

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