You Finish a Presentation But No One Asks a Question, What Now?

You Finish a Presentation...

You Finish a Presentation But No One Asks a Question, What Now?

What do you do when you end a presentation, and ask the audience “Any Questions?” and no one raises their hand? The first thing to do is avoid getting in your head. Remember to stay empowered and remain in control.  Take charge, and follow these presentation power tips to handle this potentially awkward situation with confidence.

  • Take a short scan around the room, wait 5-10 seconds and then move on – you want to avoid a long, awkward silence.
  • When no one raises their hand, ask a question for them, say “A common question I get is…” and then answer it.
  • If you still don’t see anyone raise their hand, then move on quickly and wrap up the presentation, don’t ask if there are any questions again.

Follow these tips to avoid feelings of self doubt and disappointment after you finish a solid presentation. This way, you won’t lose your confidence in the final moments and you will end on a strong note and that’s what your audience will remember.


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